Spiral Mixer

Two motor machine with touch-panel kneading automatic and integrated thermometer for continuous measuring of the dough temperature-controlled stop of the machine. The bowl turning direction is choosable in the first speed for up to 90sec., 10 kneading programmes storable


Item No Item Name Capacity in Ltr Dim in cm
070302 Spiral Mixer – S80, 3x380V/50Hz, 2.4/4.4kW 120 106.5×67.5×119.3
070304 Spiral Mixer – S120, 3x380V/50Hz, 3.5/8.6kW 184 135.4×87.7×132.0
070303 Spiral Mixer – S160, 3x380V/50Hz, 3.5/8.6kW 270 Spiral Mixer


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