Room Dust Bin


Code No Description Image
IR-RD001 Powder-coated with Stainless Steel ring covered with leatherette
Fire Retardant liner
Size: 225 * 270mm
Shape: Round / Oval
IR-RD002 Powder-coated with Stainless Steel ring
Fire Retardant liner
Size: 225*270mm
Shape: Round / Oval
IR-RD003 Stainless Steel outer and inner bin
Fire Retardant liner
Size: 200*300mm
Finish: Matt / Mirror
IR-RD004 Stainless Steel in Red Bronze plated
Fire Retardant liner
Size : 200*300mm
IR-RD005 Rectangular Stainless Steel dustbin
Fire Retardant liner
Size: 225*165*275mm
Finish: Matt / Mirror
IR-RD006 Specially designed Twin Recyclable Bin with logo
Powder-coated liner
Size : 300*240*280mm


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