Brand: Sola Switzerland

For: Table, Dessert, Fish Food, Serving, Event and Special
Surface: Mirror
Material and Technology: Monoblock, Hollow Handle, Forged, Chromenickel steel 18/10


Code No Item Name Description
107000 Table Spoon Length: 209mm, Weight: 75g, Thickness: 5.8mm
107001 Table Fork Length: 210mm, Weight: 63g, Thickness: 5.8mm
107002 Table Knife Length: 230mm, Weight: 100g
107003 Dessert Spoon Length: 188mm, Weight: 59g, Thickness: 5mm
107004 Dessert Fork Length: 188mm, Weight: 48g, Thickness: 5mm
107005 Dessert Knife Length: 204mm, Weight: 70g
107006 Coffee Spoon Length: 139mm, Weight: 28g, Thickness: 4.3mm
107007 Mocca Spoon Length: 110mm, Weight: 17g, Thickness: 4mm
107008 Cake Fork Length: 165mm, Weight: 37g, Thickness: 5mm
107012 Salad Spoon Length: 221mm, Weight: 95g, Thickness: 6.5mm
107013 Salad Fork Length: 219mm, Weight: 90g, Thickness: 6.5mm
107015 Soup Ladle Length: 271mm, Weight: 145g, Thickness: 6.5mm
107016 Pie Server Length: 256mm, Weight: 86g, Thickness: 3mm
107018 Fish Knife Length: 207mm, Weight: 53g, Thickness: 5mm
107023 Soup Spoon Length: 183mm, Weight: 47g, Thickness: 5mm
107024 Butter Knife Length: 179mm, Weight: 60g
107026 Fish Fork Length: 190mm, Weight: 45g, Thickness: 5mm
107033 Spaghetti Spoon Length: 375mm, Weight: 175g, Thickness: 4mm
107046 Tea Spoon Length: 158mm, Weight: 42g, Thickness: 5mm
107048 Sauce Ladle Length: 173mm, Weight: 73g, Thickness: 6mm
115400 Salad / Vegetable Tong Length: 207mm, Weight: 122g, Thickness: 1.5mm


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