Brand: Spiegalau


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900 80 10 Longdrink XL Height: 165mm, Dimension: 79mm, Capacity: 510ml
900 80 12 Longdrink Height: 155mm, Dimension: 69mm, Capacity: 360ml
900 80 09 Mix Drink Height: 135mm, Dimension: 72mm, Capacity: 345ml
900 80 14 Softdrink Height: 117mm, Dimension: 71mm, Capacity: 285ml
900 36 14 Latte Macchiato Height: 117mm, Dimension: 71mm, Capacity: 285ml
900 80 46 Minidrink Height: 112mm, Dimension: 60mm, Capacity: 180ml
900 80 16 Tumbler Xl Height: 107mm, Dimension: 87mm, Capacity: 415ml
900 80 15 Tumbler Height: 94mm, Dimension: 80mm, Capacity: 280ml
900 80 20 Shot Height: 83mm, Dimension: 42mm, Capacity: 55ml
900 80 55 Decanter Height: 202mm, Dimension: 82mm, Capacity: 600ml
900 80 57 Decanter Height: 260mm, Dimension: 97mm, Capacity: 1100ml


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