Brand: Spiegalau

Through the design of the shape, the fine-blown character of AUTHENTIS ensures that the aroma and bouquet of wine are transferred to the taster in a perfectly authentic way. These elegant glasses are the result of highly specialized production processes combined with an in-depth understanding of wine appreciation. This makes AUTHENTIS the number one choice for sommeliers.


Code No Item Name Description Image
440 01 77 BORDEAUX Height: 232mm, Dimension: 96mm, Capacity: 650ml
440 01 80 BURGUNDY Height: 226mm, Dimension: 106mm, Capacity: 700ml
440 01 81 RED WINE/WATER GOBLET Height: 218mm, Dimension: 89mm, Capacity: 480ml
440 01 82 WHITE WINE Height: 210mm, Dimension: 85mm, Capacity: 420ml
440 01 83 WHITE WINE SMALL Height: 200mm, Dimension: 81mm, Capacity: 360ml
440 01 91 TASTING Height: 186mm, Dimension: 77mm, Capacity: 320ml
440 85 51 BLIND TASTING Height: 186mm, Dimension: 77mm, Capacity: 320ml
440 01 87 CHAMPAGNE FLUTE Height: 225mm, Dimension: 56mm, Capacity: 190ml
440 01 85 CHAMPAGNE GLASS Height: 220mm, Dimension: 70mm, Capacity: 270ml
440 01 70 DIGESTIVE Height: 188mm, Dimension: 62mm, Capacity: 170ml
724 02 57 DECANTER 1.0Ltr Height: 295mm, Dimension: 228mm, Capacity: 1000ml
724 00 59 DECANTER 1,5Ltr Height: 318mm, Dimension: 245mm, Capacity: 1500ml


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