Brand: Sola Switzerland

For: Table, Dessert, Fish Food, Serving, Event and Special
Surface: Mirror
Material and Technology: Monoblock, Pressed, Chromenickel steel 18/10


Code No Item Name Description
116452 Salad Spoon Medium Length: 246mm, Weight: 100g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116453 Server / Salad Fork Medium Length: 237mm, Weight: 88g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116455 Server / Salad Spoon Large Length: 280mm, Weight: 107g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116456 Server / Salad Fork Large Length: 274mm, Weight: 92g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116459 Spaghetti / Soup Spoon Length: 295mm, Weight: 117g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116460 Pie Server Length: 241mm, Weight: 76g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116461 Rice Spoon Length: 245mm, Weight: 118g, Thickness: 3mm
116462 Cheese Knife Length: 216mm, Weight: 83g
116463 Sporky Length: 133mm, Weight: 21g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116464 Table Spoon Length: 202 mm, Weight: 57g, Thickness: 3.5mm
116465 Table Fork Length: 202mm, Weight: 45g, Thickness: 3.5mm
116466 Table Knife Length: 236mm, Weight: 118
>116467 Coffee Spoon Length: 139mm, Weight: 26g, Thickness: 3mm
<>116472 Cake Fork Length: 167mm, Weight: 27g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116473 Dessert Spoon Length: 180mm, Weight: 38g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116474 Dessert Fork Length: 181mm, Weight: 30g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116475 Dessert Knife Length: 207mm, Weight: 82g
116476 Fish Knife Length: 208mm, Thickness: 2.5mm
116477 Mocca Spoon Length: 129mm, Weight: 18g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116478 Fish Fork Length: 193mm, Thickness: 2.5mm
116551 Ice-Cream Spoon Length: 129mm, Weight: 21g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116555 Tea Spoon Length: 169mm, Weight: 33g, Thickness: 2.5mm
116572 Steak Knife Mono Length: 227mm, Weight: 105g
116573 Steak Fork Length: 214mm, Weight: 44g, Thickness: 2.5mm


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